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Get to know this Butler to Die for!

[Character Name] Grell Sutcliff
[Canon] Kuroshitsuji (manga ONLY)
[Point Taken from Canon] Right after he gets taken back to headquarters by William T. Spears
[Application Date] 18 April 2009

[Age] He's a Death God. He's probably pretty old, but he looks FABULOUS!

[Eye Color] Green
[Hair Color] Red
[Height] He's around 5'9" without shoes, slightly over 6'0" with shoes (due to the fact that he wears high-heels).
[Other] He's got teeth like a shark~
[Clothing] Faboosh

His journey with a beautiful woman by the name of Madam Red began when he saw her covered in head to toe, her hands stained in a beautiful shade of red. Madam Red, a respected doctor in the community, had spent her time taking out her anger held deep within her heart on prostitutes that had approached her concerning an abortion. As she was killing a prostitute one night, a Death God covered in red smiled down at her and praised her for the excellent job she had been doing. He had been observing her night after night as she covered herself in red. The immediately bonded over her actions – Grell feeling the same way toward the hideous prostitutes and Madam Red’s want for a child she would never be able to have. He made a proposition for her, "Allow me to assist you."

Grell Sutcliff put on a disguise from then on, becoming the timid and rather lousy butler of the Barnett household. His skills were lacking, his tea was terrible, and he was no match compared to the butler of the Phantomhive household. However, under the cover of the night, he would show his true identity as a Death God and, together with Madam Red, become Jack the Ripper. When asked why he was a butler by Sebastian Michaelis (butler of the Phantomhive estate), he declared that he was "captivated by a woman." He loved everything about this woman – her attitude, her actions, her beautiful hair, her gorgeous lips, and her exquisite taste in clothing. He loved all of this until she showed weakness and became nothing more than a pathetic, barren woman. Grell threatened Madam Red, telling her that it was either Ciel Phantomhive or herself that would die that night, but she would not kill her nephew. He revved his chainsaw and, without a second thought, cut right through her chest. Her "Cinematic Record" played and her life ended. Grell smiled fiendishly as he sliced through her and declared, "I love the way that you are being dyed by the red blood spurting out, Madam Red!! I am not interested in the you who got carried away by meaningless emotions!" He went to extremes to help her, even going so far as to break the rules of the Death Gods and kill women who were not on his list to die.

As Grell Sutcliff turned to walk away, Ciel Phantomhive ordered his hell of a butler to kill "Jack the Ripper." Grell and Sebastian engaged in combat – a death god versus a demon. The Death’s Scythe versus the powers of a demon, each man tried their hardest to take the other one down. Grell eventually gets the upper hand in the battle and slices Sebastian across the chest, displaying his (very mundane) Cinematic Record. Sebastian, being a demon, was able to easily recover from such an injury and continue in his attempts to do away with Grell Sutcliff. He eventually gained control of the chainsaw and was about to end Grell’s life using his own Death’s Scythe when he was abruptly stopped by William T. Spears of the Dispatch Management Division of the Death Gods. He had come to collect Grell and take him back to headquarters, citing two rules that Grell had broken – he modified his scythe without using proper procedure and used it without permission and he also killed people who were not on his list. Grell is dragged away by William T. Spears and that is the last (for now) that we see of this butler to die for.

A faithful butler, apparently harmless. His act is very convincing. His skills as a butler, however, are a far cry from perfect. He is timid, nervous, and flighty, often spilling his trays and completely disturbing the perfect peace that Sebastian has effortlessly created and Madam Red longs for. Once it becomes known who Grell truly is, his skill as an actress is very apparent. This skill is seen when comparing his personality as the useless butler to his personality when he dons his true colors and shows his real self. It's obvious, due to the lengths that he would go to hide his fabulous appearance - going without makeup on a daily basis, sporting such an "out of vogue" hair color - that he, at one time, held his relationship with Angelina Durless in very high regard. Most wouldn't go to these lengths to protect somebody's secret or to aid in their crimes.

Beyond Grell's act as a butler lies a very psychotic and rather dangerous individual who wields a destructive Death Scythe (which looks very much like what we would consider a "chainsaw"). This beautiful man makes his job as a Death God as enjoyable as possible, loving the game of hide-and-seek he plays with those he’s about to kill. The thrill of the chase and the Cinematic Record are just two things that Grell looks forward to when slicing his victim with his chainsaw. What initially drew him to Angelina was her actions: she relentlessly took a knife to the midsection of a prostitute night after night, ripping their ovaries from them in a fit of hatred and jealousy. Grell saw this. He watched her night after night and, finally, offered his services to her. She captivated him: she wore his favorite color and wore it with such flair and confidence, she was ruthless yet classy, she was beautiful, and she was everything Grell Sutcliff saw in himself.

Like the Madam Red that the London high society knows, Grell, too, is quite flirtatious. He flirts relentlessly with Sebastian during the duration of their encounter... even as he is trying to kill the man, telling him that he would look much more handsome when covered with red (because black is not vogue at all). Even under the guise of a butler, Grell is unable to take his eyes off of Sebastian. However, once he is able to show the demon his true self, he is free to act as he normally would. He makes lewd comments toward the butler and, as he swings his Death Scythe toward Sebastian, compares the two to Romeo and Juliet in a heated battle of love. Grell truly is a monster and his feelings toward Sebastian illustrate this quite well. Despite his advances, the "love" he professes he has toward the demon, the kisses and hearts, Grell still tries to kill him. He wants to see Sebastian covered in red, in blood, and that seems to be top on his list.

Grell, though he does not show this side of himself as a butler, is VERY vain. His vanity is shown when he first reveals his true identity to Sebastian and Ciel, as he makes note that he hated going so long without his makeup on. With a flick of the wrist, he brushes the brown out of his hair to reveal striking red locks, puts on his fake eyelashes and red glasses, covers his hands in black gloves, and becomes the true Grell Sutcliff. His vanity goes so far that, while in the midst of combat, he is overly concerned with the fact that the Black Butler will step on or hit his beautiful face. There is nothing Grell Sutcliff loves more than Grell Sutcliff and his preoccupation with his own appearance makes this quite clear.

Above all of that, Grell Sutcliff has a passion for the color red, declaring that he likes to paint his victims with that beautiful rose color. He is of the opinion that the more flamboyant a woman is, the more she is as beautiful as a poisonous flower. Keeping this in mind, it's quite obvious why he became captivated with Angelina Durless, better known as Madam Red. She was covered head to toe in his favorite color - her hair, her lips, her dress, her shoes. For the women who were not as beautiful as Angelina, Grell had way to accomplish said beauty, and that was to do the woman's makeup using her very own blood! His love for the color is far above his love for anything (other than himself).

Throughout his time spent with her, one would think that Grell Sutcliff is unbelievably dedicated to Angelina Durless. He broke the Rules of the Death Gods for her, he broke the law in London for her, and he went to many lengths to keep her secrets safe. However, when she could not uphold her end of the agreement, Grell saw her as what she truly was - not a beautiful woman with a heart of stone, but as an emotional woman who just wanted somebody to love and who wanted to be loved. And this, to Grell Sutcliff, was unacceptable. He wanted nothing to do with her petty human emotions. To him, emotions get in the way of greater things like beauty and death. As he looks at Madam Red's bloody, dead body laying on the cobblestone, he tells her she is not fit to wear the color red. With a tug, he takes her red coat and puts it on his own body, telling her that she "is not fit to wear red."

Grell is a Death God and, therefore, has a rather impressive power. In order to capture souls, all Death Gods have their own tool – a Death God’s scythe. Grell believed a regular scythe to be old fashioned and took it upon himself to modify his scythe into something that would better suit him. Guaranteeing that it is first rate and that it will "play a duet with the soul’s last moments," he cranks up his chainsaw. It is, as he claims, able to slice through anything. If anybody gets struck by his scythe, they become victim to "Cinematic Record." Filled with dramatic pain, the death gods can use "Cinematic Record" to re-live the memories of those about to die as a form of an assessment. With this ability, Grell is able to tell what kind of person they were, what kind of life they led, and whether or not to let them live or die. If he feels that their death is necessary, the scythe severs the link between the memories and the soul, thus ending their life. Grell tells Sebastian that a good man’s past makes him curious, but a bad man makes him want to see it even more. At this point, it becomes apparent that Grell uses his scythe inappropriately.

1. Grell is a decently sexual being who doesn't really hold gender in to high of a regard. If he were to have any sexual orientation, it would be pansexual and neither homosexual nor heterosexual. He is captivated by Madam Red and he truly does love her, feeling as if she's one of the most beautiful creatures he's ever laid eyes on. However, he also thinks the same about Sebastian, even suggesting that they "exercise" together. He has no issue flirting with beautiful men and women, and welcomes any attention and praise from others.
2. Given his intense passion for the color red and how he loves to paint people in their own beautiful red blood, feeling as if blood is a very sexual extension of the body. He loves the color, loves to see people bleed, loves to kill the prostitutes with Madam Red just to paint them with their blood, and even wanted to rip Sebastian open so he could cover him in blood. This, to me, would count as partialism, which is a fetish involving a nonsexual part of the body - in his case, blood.
3. Grell didn't hesitate one bit in taking his scythe after Sebastian, seemingly quite delighted by it. This makes me think that he'd be into a little bit of sexual sadism if given the opportunity to engage in that particular paraphilia with somebody, though he would be very hesitant to be a sexual masochist since that could potentially involve leaving his body scarred. I'm not particularly sure how far Grell's level of sexual sadism would go, since he did kill the woman he loved and thought was beautiful. However, despite that, I don't think he would engage in anything like necrophilia (because, ew?).

I'm not certain whether a Death God can die, but he can sure get the crap beat out of him. Don't touch his beautiful face, though. I suspect, however, that most would not want to bother Grell since he carries around a chainsaw.

[Other Facts]
He is an actress and a top rate one, at that. His main role is as a misfit butler (who lacks most skills essential to a butler). Aside from that, it is important to know that he LOVES the color red. His hair is red, his coat is red, his glasses are red, and his shoes are red. Grell loves this fabulous color. He takes his love of the color red quite seriously, going so far as to tell Madam Red (after learning how weak she truly was) that she was not fit to wear such a wonderful color.

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